Bakery Blades Knives

Optimum cutting, with balanced bread slicer.

Bakery Blades is a partner of NOSIBO Bakery Solutions and has over 25 years’ experience in research, design and optimization of knives for frame bread slicing machines. Bakery Blades and NOSIBO Bakery Solutions closely follow the ongoing developments in the bread market. Bakery Blades is specialized in the development and production of knives in order to always be one step ahead of the ever increasing cutting efficiency and packaging requirements.

The growing variety of breads, from hearty to soft (eg gluten-free, fruity bread, sandwich bread) and the various shapes, does not stop Bakery Blades. With our own alloy, special coatings and low friction sheets we will find a solution for your challenges in both the industrial and retail markets.

Bakery Blades Unique features

  • 25 years’ experience in optimizing bread slicing in retail and industrial bakeries
  • Internal development and research on materials, coatings and production processes
  • Flexible organization, dedicated on flexible production requirements
  • Test and development projects on location possible

Product overview

T = Blade thickness
D2 = Connection hole diameter
B = Blade height
H = ‘H-Size’ distance between connection holes

L = Blade outside length
NXS = Blade cutting surface with a certain quantity of teeth
S = Inbetween tooth top distance