Cutting more types of bread with vertical knives

The loose knife system or the Reciprocate principle is the secret of the NOSIBO design and makes the line suitable for almost all types of bread with a neat and consistent slice thickness. Therefore many types of bread can be cut at a maximum speed of 60 loaves per min.

The design is compact, requires little work space and therefore easy to install and easy to connect to other equipment.

Extra strengths NOSIBO Slicer

  • Specific NOSIBO parts produced in-house (CNC produced knife frames)
  • Produced according to CE specification
  • Easy to replace knife frame (max 5 min)
  • Stable bread transport on 3 sides
  • Frequency controlled conveyer belts, giving accurately controllable cutting speed
  • Minimum wear of the wear strips due to the usage of cast iron
  • In engine compartment mechanical ventilation, for temperature control
  • Text screen, part of easy operation
  • NOSIBO own service team with more than 25 years of experience
  • Automatic detection for broken knives
  • Bread width and height adjustable

The NOSIBO Slicer

Just like the other specific NOSIBO parts, the crankcase is also produced inhouse and kept on stock.