Nosibo Bagger

Advantages of the NOSIBO Bagger, SCOOP System

Because the NOSIBO Bagger works with the so-called. ‘Scoop System’ it has proven superiority over the last 25 years. The bag is pulled over the stationary bread without touching the loaf of bread. As a result, no deformation occurs with the bread. The advantage is that the system is suitable for almost every type of bread.

The overall design of the machine is based on economic and cost-saving principles. The curved disks make the machine deliver high efficiency and capacity: Because the shape of these disks is fixed, the mechanical processes always run synchronously and do not have to be set again and again. This also allows a continuously variable speed to be set while the NOSIBO Bagger is running.

The compact, space-saving design in the length direction of the NOSIBO line makes it simple. And adapting it to right or left input and output. Some situations possibly to operate 2 lines by one operator. Partly because of this the line has a low maintenance frequency.

NOSIBO 'Bagger' - Unique features

  • Economical, cost-saving machine
  • Easy to adjust to right or left input + output , working direction
  • Continuously variable machine
  • Labor saving, high efficiency and high capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for almost any type of bread
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy to connect to other type cutting machines
  • Possibility of high or low speed
  • Very low maintenance frequency
  • 1 operator per machine

Optional parts

  • Different sizes of spoons, depending on type of bread
  • Different dimensions of in-out conveyer belts
  • 2 or 4 wickets for bread bags, machine continues to pack while changing the bags

Animation spoon principle

Parts are mechanically linked

No downtime when placing new bags due to the presence of 2 or 4 wickets