Service & support

The NOSIBO service team

Our service team is at your service 24 hours a day. In this team, interchangeability between production, assembly and service staff is a basic starting point. NOSIBO Bakery Solutions is a member of ‘The Metaalunie’.

‘De Metaalunie’ an organization with international partners therefor the service, support, dispatch and advice is based on international quality certification and guidelines. This ensures optimal cross-border cooperation.


Worldwide service

In addition, NOSIBO has cooperation’s with importers and service engineers around the world and can therefore offer local support, a worldwide service department is key for NOSIBO. Depending on your wishes, we draw up maintenance contract together.

Frequently asked questions

Can NOSIBO take responsibility for packaging and shipping?

Yes, we work with a packaging specialists who have world wide experience with shipping industrial equipment.

How long does it takes to install and commission the line?

We work according to the principle ‘Plug and play’, Machines are tested in the factory. That is why the installation for the Slicer is one day and for the Bagger two days.

Can NOSIBO make adjustments to implement the NOSIBO line to the existing equipment in the factory ?

Yes, the NOSIBO engineer will take the necessary measurements on site .

How long does it take to replace the knives frame?

A prepared knife frame can be placed in 5 minutes. We therefore rommend to have the various windows ready on stock. This saves enormously in production time.

Can our operators be trained by NOSIBO?

We can do this at your factory or in the Netherlands at NOSIBO. We will make the arrangements for the training in consultation with you.

How many different types of knives does NOSIBO supply?

As a result, the possibilities are endless and we fully adapt the knives to your type of bread. We have a wide range of knives. Taylor made knives can be developed from 3000 knives per batch.

What is the 'standing time' of the blades?

This is a frequently asked question, but this mainly dependents on the type of bread, the usage of the knives and the intensity. Generally, with 24/7 production, the experience is that the knives last 24 hours.